Sunday, November 21, 2010

Home Alone

It's that time of year when the deer are out and all Gary thinks about is shooting them. I can't tell you how many times I've gone to Western Auto - the man store - in the past month so Gary can look at gloves and bullets and deer urine. He tricks me by saying we're going to Costco, then makes a quick stop at Western Auto. I'm not so much a fan of guns or traipsing in around in the woods, following tracks, being stealthy. Guns are loud and dangerous and I just don't like them. I also have a really hard time being quiet in the woods because I'm incredibly clumsy. The one time I went hunting, I went with my dad when I was about twelve years old. I was cold, bored, loud, and almost fell down a cliff to my death. Never again.

But Gary loves this and has started an annual tradition with his dad and brother to take a trip to Gambier Bay every winter to have manly bonding and shoot some deer. Last year they were gone for five days, but this year they have extended it to eight days. They left yesterday morning and I'm already incredibly lonely. The only things keeping me sane are cable tv, homework, and my puppy dogs. The boys slept on the bed with me last night, taking the place of my big spoon, Gary. However, for the first time since he was a puppy, Max woke me up at 6 am because he had to potty. Then I had to kick JD off because he kept standing up and shaking the bed.

Today I have fed the boys breakfast and dinner, bought Crimson his especially expensive dog food (they have very high maintenance food needs), took them for a walk, played with them, and loved them. Tomorrow I have to wake up, feed them, let them out, go to school, bust home to let them out again before work, go to work, go to class, bust home to feed them and let them out. Single parenting is hard. Gary's mom is helping me out when I can't be home for eight hours, but I totally feel like those girls on "16 and Pregnant". Not really...but kind of.


  1. Nice post, but I think there might be an up-side to Gary being gone, and that up-side is VENISON.

  2. Yes, venison. And that you are NOT 16 and pregnant.

  3. LMAO! I wanted to write something about your piece but it just tickled me too much. :)

  4. muahaha, i was laughing all through this! nice subtle humore =)