Thursday, October 7, 2010

Travel Plans

Traveling is an issue when you have three dogs. Gary and I rarely get to go anywhere, at least not together, because someone always has to be with the dogs. Asking someone to take care of dogs is not like asking someone to take care of a fish. With a fish, feed it once a day and it's all good. With our three dogs, the instructions are endless.

Gary and I have decided to take a weekend trip for a little R&R and Gary's brother has taken on the task of housesitting for us. He came over last night for the lowdown and ended up getting a lengthy lecture from good ol' Gary: vitamins, special diets, eye drops, leashes, meal times, poo schedules, whose bed belongs to whom, always shut the bathroom door, and although it's impossible, please attempt to keep the dogs off the couch.

Like I've said before, having dogs is like having children and you can't trust just anyone with them. Gary and I thought long and hard before deciding to go somewhere and trusting someone to take care of our puppies, our prides and joys. I've already told Gary's brother that if anything happens to any of my babies, his ass is grass. However, Gary is the true worrier. Every day he thinks of a new thing to tell his brother to do. We are only going to be gone for two days, but Gary cannot stop worrying. And I thought I was supposed to be the one having anxiety attacks.

I can sense that the dogs are beginning to worry as well. Max keeps staring at me like I'm abandoning him and Crimson has licked his foot raw. JD is mostly oblivious to the world, so he doesn't really have a problem. As soon as I get my bag out, Max is going to start seeking out tissues to rip apart in an attempt to gain my attention. "If I rip up this tissue, she'll have to stay." He's the toddler who acts out when he doesn't want momma to leave. It's adorable and often it almost works.

Being away from my puppies for two whole days is going to be hard. No little furball to cuddle with, no pink tongue to lick food off my fingers, no wet nose sticking in my face. But I guess Gary will be with me and he's okay too.


  1. I understand. My Ajax has to be dog sat right now til his training is done and not only do you have to deal with the dog sitter but also the doggy attitude problem when you get home smelling like a new place that you didn't take them to.

  2. i don't have any dogs but i do have fish (they went a month this summer without being fed when i was out of town). they are alive! lol. great details!